"In her palm was the white-tipped feather from a falcon. It was striped with varying shades of gray, deep twilight and a stormy sea, knotted onto a simple leather cord. Ariane lifted it to her lips. Blew softly upon it..."
- The Lost Queen


These bone feather necklaces were dreamed up by Signe in partnership with Rebekah Moon of Silver Hawk Studio as a way to transport some of The Lost Queen's magic off the page.

A nature lover and conservationist, Signe wanted to create a necklace like the peregrine falcon feather her character Languoreth is given in The Lost Queen that readers could wear, all while supporting a worthy cause.

Signe came across the work of Silver Hawk Studio and was struck by their craftsmanship and their story. Rebekah's father -Silver Hawk - began carving feathers out of repurposed bison bone in a small workshop nestled in the Rocky Mountains in the 1970's. He perfected his techniques to create the finely detailed, natural looking feathers still hand-carved by the studio today. This art form has been passed down from the Originator to his family. Still family owned and operated, the company is now in its 3rd generation.

10% of every sale is donated to protect birds of prey. 

Why repurposed bone?

Cattle have been a vital part of the spiritual, economical, and social lives of the Celts since well before the Roman occupation of Britain. They were loved, respected, traded, and depended on. The Celtic mythological cycle runs rife with stories of cattle raids, and some believed that the wild white cattle that once roamed the northern forests of Britain were descended from an early group of European wild ox called Aurochs. Their size and white color made them prized as sacrificial animals. When cattle were sacrificed it was done with great honor, ceremony, and care. Signe writes about Cadzow's historic white cattle herd in The Lost Queen, and the descendants of that 6th century herd can still be visited at Chatelherault Country Park in Scotland today.

Silver Hawk Studio's necklaces are hand-carved from repurposed bison bone. Being that the bison and the domestic cow belong to the same family (Bovidae), they are genetically similar. The Silver Hawk family uses bison in honor of their Native American ancestry. The bone is sourced from local ranchers in Colorado who make their living by supplying America's bison industry with meat. The bone would be rendered into feed if not collected and repurposed by Rebekah and her daughter.

The talismans are smudged with sage upon completion.
Signe's hope is that wearers can restore new life to the bone by honoring the sacrifice of these bison & granting their necklace a place of special importance in their daily lives.